Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 2, 2009 (Tuesday)

  • This morning I had a Primary Presidency Meeting. (I was just released as the Young Women's President and I'm now the second counselor in the Primary. My third primary presidency. Maybe this time I'll learn my lesson! Elder Hales was a Bishop four times so I'm sure I'll have many more Primary callings to come.)
  • Went to town and presented our year end portfolios to our teacher supervisor. Whew! We passed!
  • We went to the library.
  • While traveling we listened to Power Glide Spanish Jr. The kids really liked it.
  • Ran errands in town. We don't get to town (50 min away) that often.
  • Went to t-ball/softball games-our first of the season.
  • Another round of spending the night with our cousins again. I'm so glad they like each other!

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