Monday, June 8, 2009

June 8, 2009 (Monday)

Mom School
Fathers, I'll Seek the Lord Early and Family Prayer
Theology: True to the Faith: Aaronic Priesthood
Church History: The first missionaries
Friend Article
Be Choosy Rhythm Poem
Science: "Eyes" from Usborne's Book of Knowledge
Science Experiment: Experiment #2 from Delta Science Kit Energy and Motion
Art: Olivia held an art class. The kids wrote with quill feather with homemade ink. They also painted pictures.

Olivia: Read a chapter in the Book of Mormon, led the art class, made pancakes, went on a walk and practiced her singing.

Jared: Read the Doctrine and Covenants Reader, prepared a family home evening lesson, put puzzles together, went on a walk, played on Brain Pop (Science website) and practiced the piano.

Luke: Read a chapter in the Book of Mormon, played golf with me, and played hard.

Caleb: Put puzzles together, went on a walk and played hard.

Family Home Evening:
Song: Beautiful Savior
Scripture Memorization: 2 Nephi 25:26
Testimonies: Everyone
Strength of Youth: Education
Proclamation: 5th paragraph
Character: Uncommon Courtesy lesson- Telephone Answering Manners (we role played this a couple of times)
Article of Faith: 5th
Lesson: Jared gave a fabulous lesson (that he did himself) on temples. He used this talk from conference, True to the Faith, Scriptures, Picture Art Kit Stories and then he had us draw a picture of a temple.
Activity: Jumping on the trampoline, playing golf, playing pool, and playing the Wii.

To Show Parent Core/Love of Learner/Scholar here are some things we modeled to the children today...
Deanna: Scriptures, journal, read several Ensign articles, read a conference talk, word of the day, Greek pronunciation, studied BYU American History and played golf with Luke.
Alex: Scriptures, read several Ensign articles, word of the day, read in a book by Elder Hafen, went to work, and he's listening to The Great Improvisation (Benjamin Franklin) and Master and Commander.


Jessica said...

You are doing such a great job! Thanks for sharing so I can be inspired.

rneweyfamily said...

so, how did you handle art time? It sure looks like fun to me.