Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Catching up

I certainly haven't done a good job of finishing up our summer with home school posts!

We've done lots of manual labor on our new 82 acre farm. We've pulled weeds, raked leaves, pruned trees, shoveled manure, reinforced the play house, and cleaned sheds out among other things. The kids have swam in the ditch a lot. There are several big ones to choose from. We've also had lots of late night fires at our newly made fire pit. It's been a great experience and they've all worked hard.

The boys have listened to several books on tape. Olivia's been reading quite a bit on her own. I've been studying for my final in American History through BYU. Alex went to Utah with his dad and some friends and climbed King's Peak, the tallest mountain in Utah.

We went to a local ice cave and learned all about volcanoes, lava tubes and ice. The kids enjoyed that.

We've also had lots of doctor and dentist appoints to get current for the new year. Luke was excited to have his last tube in his ear pulled out. Caleb and I now have our asthma and allergies better under control. I can take a deep breath again!

We've really made the most of this summer. We've had just enough activities to stay busy, but we still had lots of down time.

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