Saturday, June 12, 2010

Umbrella: A tool or a toy?

Every year the kids ask why we don't have umbrellas. Every year I tell them the same thing. It doesn't rain here. It's like the towns in the south buying snow plows. It's not worth the investment.

Things were different this year. It has rained. A lot. And this year we have umbrellas. Alex gets things in the mail all the time for work. He gets pens, paper, candy, stationary, bags, wallets, etc. He's even received manicure sets. This year he received two nice umbrellas, sporting an insurance company on them of course.

Caleb likes to play in the rain. He likes to walk in the rain with a big umbrella. I tell him of course he can, but he must remember that the umbrella is a tool to keep the rain off, it's not a toy. Every time he tells me he understands.

Everyday I thought he understood. Until this happened.

What is it with boys? They can be these angelic angels and then all of a sudden they get over come. For Caleb he discovered a bucket in the ground (for the ditch water) in the empty lot next to ours. There's a small hole for the someday future owners to put a pump in. Caleb saw this hole and was suddenly overcome with an urge to stick the umbrella in it and open it. It's broken. It won't come out.

We only have one umbrella now.
So are umbrellas a tool or a toy? It depends on who you are asking.


crazy4boys said...

I love boys. LOVE THEM! They think of things I would never think of in a million years.

So, there's an empty plot next to you? Hmmmm, maybe I need to buy it.

Debra said...

That is funny. I can see Carter doing that.