Monday, August 31, 2009

August 31, 2009 (Monday)

We started today! Our schedules were changed... The kids were really excited!

Mom School
Family Scriptures w/ dad: Acts 24
Do What is Right, The Books of the Old Testament and My Eternal Family... We also practiced our Rhythm poem.
Church History: Read 33 pages from Illustrated Stories from Church History vol. 1
Friend Article
Social Studies: Read a chapter from Houghton Mifflin Social Studies: States and Regions. We talked about Geography. What is it?
Literature: "As You Like It" from More Tales from Shakespeare by Marcia Williams and read several poems and discussed them from Poems For Memorization by Rod and Staff Publishers.
Read-a-loud: Read one chapter from Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo.
Science: Read one chapter from Science: A Closer Look by Macmillan/McGraw-Hill. We discussed the Scientific Method and had a really good discussion.
Art: The kids cut out snowflakes and decorated them with glitter. They also used some sculpting clay and made a variety of things. They will air dry them and then in a couple of days they will paint them.
Pet Care: 2 hamsters, 2 dogs, 1 cat,

Religion: Read a chapter in Genesis.
Music: She has a nasty head cold so she didn't practice her voice.
World History: Read 1/2 book about Ancient Civilizations.
Science: Read a chapter in a text book about Plant Reproduction.
Math: Did a Saxon 7/6 math lesson.
Language Arts: Daily Grams lesson
Vocabulary: Peterson's Word of the Day-Portend
Vocabulary/Language Usage: Did a Classical Root Words lesson.
Free Reading: Read Work and the Glory #4 for 3 hours.
Life Skills: Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

Religion: Read 3 chapters from the Doctrine and Covenants Reader.
Music: Practiced his recital piece.
Geography: Did a lesson from Evan-Moor.
Math: Did a Saxon 6/5 lesson.
Math Drill: Did a add facts drill from Saxon 6/5.
Spelling: 1 spell drill
Phonics/Handwriting: 5 pages in Explode the Code
Grammar: Daily Grams lesson
Creative Writing: Did a lesson from Let's Write 1 on brainstorming.
Free Reading: Read for 30 minutes with a variety of books.
Book on Tape: Listened to Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane for two hours and finished it and started on Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods.
PE: 30 min of Wii Fit.

Religion: Read 2 Nephi 1
Geography: Did a Evan-Moor lesson.
Art: Drew and colored a picture.
Math: Did a Saxon Math 3 Lesson.
Spelling: 1 spell drill
Phonics/Handwriting: 5 pages of Explode the Code
Grammar: Daily Grams lesson
Handwriting: Cursive Lesson from A Reason For Writing- vowels
Creative Writing: Did a lesson from Let's Write 1-sequencing.
Free Reading: Read for 30 minutes in a variety of books.
PE: Did 30 min of Wii Sports.

Religion: Read a couple of versus in The Book of Mormon to me.
Geography: Did a Evan-Moor geography lesson.
Art: Coloring
Math: Did a Saxon Math 2 lesson.
Spelling: 1 spell drill
Phonics/Handwriting: 2 pages from Explode the Code.
Language Arts: Sight Words practice
Writing: Cursive Writing-the alphabet
Reading: Read 1/2 of Hop on Pop to me.

Family Home Evening:
Testimonies-Discussion about experiences from trip especially in Palmyra.
Priesthood Blessings by dad for the new school year
Activity: Visiting a family in our town who are "sick and afflicted."

To Show Parent Core/Love of Learner/Scholar here are some things we modeled to the children today...
Scriptures, journal, spell drill, word of the day, laundry and other household chores, catching up with messages from being gone for two weeks, 1 hour of family history research, practiced the piano for the recital, went visiting teaching, and practiced some Greek (we took two months off our scholar studies and I can tell a difference in my Greek-I have forgotten a lot. Time to crack down on it again!)
Alex: Scriptures, word of the day, went to work, and listening to a Rich Dad, Poor Dad book on CD.

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