Friday, June 19, 2009

June 19, 2009 (Friday)

Olivia and I left very early to travel two hours to the stake activity days. I spoke at it again and Olivia enjoyed going for the first time. She was finally old enough.

The boys played hard at their cousins.

Tonight we enjoyed a movie party on the big screen with Alex home. He was ready for some RR after being out every night this week.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

June 18, 2009 (Thursday)

  • In the morning I went visiting teacher.
  • The kids played a little bit of Wii Sports.
  • Luke read for a couple of hours in a Magic School Bus book.
  • Olivia did some indexing and I did 50 names.
  • I studied for my American History midterm.
  • I finished The Law by Bastiat.
  • Luke, Caleb and I weeded a lot outside.
  • Olivia practiced her voice.
  • Jared and I played chess.
  • The kids played Turtlemania several times.
  • Olivia made a pumpkin spice cake. Yummy.
  • Jared and I practiced our recital piece.
  • The three older kids had a baseball game. Caleb had a bye.
  • The kids continue to play with the puppy.
  • We had family scripture studies and we read scriptures individually.

June 17, 2009 (Wednesday)

In the morning I had to go to Webelos and help out. And in the afternoon I went to a book club discussing Anne Frank.

In the afternoon we also took Olivia to her scholar class. They finished discussing Thomas Paine's Common Sense. While we waited for her class to get over we played at some home school friends house for a couple of hours.

Jared finished listening to Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh.

We read family scriptures and personal scriptures each.

The only other thing of note is that I sewed some things again. And no I still don't like it. But I needed to for my Activity Days Stake talk that I'm giving.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June 16, 2009 (Tuesday): Work, Work Work

This morning we did LOTS of chores. We worked until lunchtime. Jared had piano lessons this morning though. We decided we'd had enough of working and went playing. We packed a picnic and went out to the river in the desert. We had a great hike. We pretended we were Indians and "tracked" some deer through the desert. When the tracks changed to looking more like a bobcat they decided they were done tracking. (In the pointing picture they are pointing to the tracks). By the time we were back the suburban Jared had decided it was a cougar with young cubs who were just learning how to hunt. Where do they come up with these things?

After being home an hour we ended up going out to the swimming hole to swim with their cousins. The swimming hole has swelled to twice it's size from the rain, thanks to all the rain. The river was too fast and deep to do much swimming, but there was still some mud. They played "mud monsters" and COVERED themselves in the mud. My friend/cousin took pictures. If I get them I'll post them later. We came home just in time to shower and scrub off the caked-on mud. Then we went to Caleb's t-ball game. The older kids weren't playing (so I wasn't coaching) so we were all able to watch Caleb. Luke even got to play because they were short players. (Luke can technically play on either team).

We finished A Wrinkle In Time in the car. Jared is working on Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh again. Another family favorite.

Olivia finished Common Sense by Thomas Paine. She answered the questions for her scholar class tomorrow.

The kids have fought over the new puppy all day long. We are having to set the timer. So fun.

I'm working on The Law by Bastiat. I also did a lot on my lesson for Stake Activity Day's this weekend. I've been doing some indexing again. I was called as stake extraction worker several years back. When I was the Young Women's President they said not to worry about doing anything with it. Now I'm not though so I'm back in the Family History game again. Olivia has been doing some with me too.

Alex was in Boise all day again. He left at 6:30 AM and got home at 10:30 PM. He's gone a lot of nights, but when he's home, he's HOME. He acts like a dad and a husband and gives us tons of quality time. He's the best!

We read scriptures individually and as a family tonight too.

Olivia's take on learning

This was on Olivia's profile page of her blog. I guess we're doing something right.

I am a LDS girl commonly referred to, as the Mormons. I'm a Idahoan, and like it that way. I'm the oldest out of 4 kids.The only girl, I have two dogs, one named Hank,one named Lucy(she is brand new!!) one horse, named Westways Star (that's her registered name, we call her Kristi, some days she's Bailey though)and one hamster, named Samuel Peanut(we call him Sammy). I love animals especially horses.I love my life. I also am home schooled using TJED, check out my TJED blog at www.tjedyouth.blogspot. com I stand up for what I believe, I am a true conservative and will always be. I believe that the "democrats" or viz "liberalists" have bad ideas and when they are pres. our Country is in chaos. I am grateful for agency to choose things, right from wrong, good from bad, the truth and the false side of things. I love my country and learning about it. Thomas Jefferson is one of my Hero's!!! I don't want to be "just another kid" in this world, I don't go with the flow, I stand for what I believe, I WON"T be "just another kid" I LOVE to learn(unlike most kids my age). Why don't others? It's so interesting. OH, I I hope to start collage at 15 or 16! Who Does that? Homeschoolers do!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

June 15, 2009 (Monday)

Today we were supposed to start our two week swimming lesson schedule. But we've been rained out so much the last couple of weeks that we've postponed it for two more weeks.

In the morning Olivia participated in the 4-H service project. Then we went to town, because we had lots and lots of errands that needed running and no swimming to go to. We went to the library, grocery shopping, visited a friend in the hospital, went to the bank(s), went to Pet Smart, went to Target, went to a book store..... We did our father's and grandfather's day shopping and that was fun.

The kids listened to Spanish in the car. We also listened to several CD's of A Wrinkle in Time. I think that's a family favorite. I don't know how many times we've read it and listened to it.

We also got a new puppy.

Our family home evening was kind of shot because we got back late, Alex had to go to town in the evening to go to the hospital also. But, we did visit a couple of families when Alex did get back, we had a family council, had treats and played with the new puppy together though.

Friday, June 12, 2009

June 12, 2009 (Friday): No longer mushy

I had every intention of doing mom school today, but at the very last minute this morning we ended up with 4 cousins for the day. The kids played baseball, golfed and enjoyed lots of trampoline jumping. Also a couple of trips to the store for slushies occurred.

We've been working on good core behavior the last couple of weeks and the kids did really well. They tend to forget their manners when their cousins are here and after their cousins leave. But they did good today. They even earned 3 lightsabers back (all Star Wars things were put up over two months ago) for the first time-on a trial basis.

Olivia worked on her 4-H presentation and made a posterboard up of it. She also made cheesecake.

Well, my brain is no longer mushy. I had a productive day. I wrote a report on the Persian Wars, prepared an oral report on it as well, read two chapters for my American History Class and ordered my midterm, and worked on my Sharing Time lesson. (And read my scriptures and wrote in my journal). I even sewed some things (mended). I fixed our bedspread and two of Alex's pants. Very painful. Maybe my brain is even more mushy than I had thought.

Alex is still working on his same books. He had a church meeting tonight. We also had our adult scholar class (which he had to be late for because of the church meeting) tonight. I spent time with my mentor before class with my Greek pronunciation. We then discussed The Peloponnesian Wars and I gave my oral report to our "class."

Thursday, June 11, 2009

June 11, 2009 (Thursday): A mushy brain

This morning I went to the temple so we didn't have mom school. I think all the Greek history reading as addled my brain and turned it mushy. I promptly spent five hours in the afternoon watching the entire Wives and Daughters production. (BBC production from a book by Elizabeth Glaskell). This is so completely against my personality. Oh well, I'm sure I'll be back to my regular reading form by tomorrow.

We read our scriptures, had family scripture study, Olivia had horse riding lessons, had a 4-H meeting, Jared read for quite a while, the kids played hard, and they finished the evening off with baseball games.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June 10, 2009 (Wednesday)

We didn't have mom school today. I had a Primary Presidency meeting. By the time I got home nobody wanted to do it. That's why it's summer. Choices!

On the way to our scholar school today we listened to more Spanish. The kids are really starting to get some of it. I highly recommend Power Glide!

Olivia: Read her scriptures, chores, defined her 10 words from Thomas Paine, answered the questioned to Common Sense by Thomas Paine, went to scholar school and discussed Common Sense, word of the day, practiced singing, watched Cranford with me (her brain was friend from 5 hours of Thomas Paine) and played golf.

Jared: Read his scriptures, chores, cleaned his hamster gage, read for 3 hours, practiced his piano lesson and played a lot.

Luke: Read his scriptures, chores, read several random picture books, got lots of good exercise outside, and had fun.

Caleb: Read his scriptures, chores, read several picture books, played outside a lot and had fun.

Family (in the evening):
Song: How Firm a Foundation
Scripture Memorization: 2 Nephi 25:26
Family Scripture Study: Acts 6

To Show Parent Core/Love of Learner/Scholar here are some things we modeled to the children today...
Deanna: Scriptures, word of the day, had a Presidency meeting, practiced my piano recital piece, read for several hours and finished my reading assignment in the The History of the Peloponnesian, mowed the rest of the lawn, "summerized" the library room, and watched several issues of Cranford. (Yes, I splurged I never watch the television. The Peloponnesian Wars had fried my brain!)
Alex: Scriptures, word of the day, went to work, prepared his presentation for a county financial class the judge and prosecuting attorney asked his to put on, listening to Master and Commander, listening to The Great Improvisation, had a Bishopric Meeting, and went to mutual.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June 9, 2009 (Tuesday): Art

Mom School
Baptism, Beautiful Savior, Fathers, and Family Circle
Theology: True to the Faith-Abrahamic Covenant
Church History: Emma Smith and Music
Friend Article
Ears from Usborne's Book of Knowledge
Science Literature: Finished a chapter in The Wind in the Door. (They love this book!)
Science Experiment: Life Cycle's from Delta Science Animal Observatory Activity #3
Art: Olivia hosted another art class. It lasted two hours and they made all sorts of messes. To answer a question posted: I do not participate and I do not go in the room while they are mess making. I'm not allowed in the room until it's all cleaned up. I do not like art, nor will I ever. I do not like the mess and I do not want to see the mess. They know how to help me keep smiling and they do a very good job cleaning up. Olivia did a good job though because Jared made art mess for the whole two hours with them. He tends to prefer to have nothing to do with art. Mmmm. I wonder where he gets that from.

Olivia: Read 1/2 of Common Sense by Thomas Paine, looked up 10 words from her readings, hosted art class, Peterson's word of the day, blogging, she was a babysitter in the children's class for Enrichment tonight, watched part of Cranfield (based on a classic novel) and read her scriptures.

Jared: Practiced the piano, went to piano lessons, mowed part of the lawn, made pancakes (this seems to be a reoccurring theme-they are trying all sorts of different recipes out at lunch), watched a Bill Nye the Science guy video, played in a baseball game and read his scriptures.

Luke: He drew and colored most of the day, watched a science video with Jared, mowed part of the lawn with Alex, played in a baseball game, and read his scriptures.

Caleb: Watched the science video, played in a t-ball game and was a happy guy.

To Show Parent Core/Love of Learner/Scholar here are some things we modeled to the children today...
Deanna: Scriptures, journal, word of the day, practiced the piano, reading in The History of the Peloponnesian War by Thucydides, worked on Greek pronunciation and taught an enrichment lesson.
Alex: Scriptures, word of the day, went to the temple, went to work, listening to The Great Improvisation, listening to Master and Commander, worked on Greek pronunciation, and helped coach a baseball game in my place since I was at Enrichment.

Monday, June 8, 2009

June 8, 2009 (Monday)

Mom School
Fathers, I'll Seek the Lord Early and Family Prayer
Theology: True to the Faith: Aaronic Priesthood
Church History: The first missionaries
Friend Article
Be Choosy Rhythm Poem
Science: "Eyes" from Usborne's Book of Knowledge
Science Experiment: Experiment #2 from Delta Science Kit Energy and Motion
Art: Olivia held an art class. The kids wrote with quill feather with homemade ink. They also painted pictures.

Olivia: Read a chapter in the Book of Mormon, led the art class, made pancakes, went on a walk and practiced her singing.

Jared: Read the Doctrine and Covenants Reader, prepared a family home evening lesson, put puzzles together, went on a walk, played on Brain Pop (Science website) and practiced the piano.

Luke: Read a chapter in the Book of Mormon, played golf with me, and played hard.

Caleb: Put puzzles together, went on a walk and played hard.

Family Home Evening:
Song: Beautiful Savior
Scripture Memorization: 2 Nephi 25:26
Testimonies: Everyone
Strength of Youth: Education
Proclamation: 5th paragraph
Character: Uncommon Courtesy lesson- Telephone Answering Manners (we role played this a couple of times)
Article of Faith: 5th
Lesson: Jared gave a fabulous lesson (that he did himself) on temples. He used this talk from conference, True to the Faith, Scriptures, Picture Art Kit Stories and then he had us draw a picture of a temple.
Activity: Jumping on the trampoline, playing golf, playing pool, and playing the Wii.

To Show Parent Core/Love of Learner/Scholar here are some things we modeled to the children today...
Deanna: Scriptures, journal, read several Ensign articles, read a conference talk, word of the day, Greek pronunciation, studied BYU American History and played golf with Luke.
Alex: Scriptures, read several Ensign articles, word of the day, read in a book by Elder Hafen, went to work, and he's listening to The Great Improvisation (Benjamin Franklin) and Master and Commander.

Friday, June 5, 2009

June 5, 2009 (Friday)

Mom School
Song: Baptism
Church History: The Church is organized.
Friend Article
Science: "Skin" from Usborne's Book of Knowledge
Science Literature: Read 1/2 chapter of A Wind in the Door.
Memorization/Music: The Books of the Old and New Testament and Books of the Book of Mormon.
Science Experiment: Catapults

Olivia: Read a chapter in the Book of Mormon, practiced her singing for over 45 minutes, finished Leven Thumps #1, card making, word of the day, blogging, read in a Saxon Algebra book, and

Jared: Practiced the piano, lots of Lego's, and lots of summer playing.

Luke: Reading, Lego's and playing hard.

Caleb: Reading, Lego's, playing with catapults, and playing hard.

Deanna: Scriptures, preparing sharing time, made invitations for teacher in-service, practiced my recital piece, finished another chapter in my BYU American History class, practiced pronouncing Greek, worked on the enrichment lesson I'm giving next week, other primary business, several long hours of reading The History of the Peloponnesian War, and went on a date!
Alex: Scriptures, word of the day, Greek pronunciation, finished Ender's Shadow, went to work, and went on a date!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

June 4, 2009 (Thursday)

Today we went to town again and had a picnic with some other home schoolers. We also had a science day with them. The kids made catapults, planted flowers and made bottle rockets. The bottle rockets were a big hit. We went to the library and then came home for a little bit.

While we were driving we listened to Power Glide Spanish. The kids really like this program and they are learning a lot. In fact they keep saying the poems and songs over and over!

Tonight Caleb had a t-ball game. The coach pitch team had a bye so we were all able to root Caleb on.

I've been busy with my Greek, a BYU American History midterm, I started The History of the Peloponnesian War, I have a report due on the Persian War (oral and written), I've been preparing a Relief Society Enrichment lesson, a gospel doctrine lesson, working on a Stake Activity Girls lesson, a piano recital piece, sharing time and an in-service meeting. There all in the next three weeks. So exciting!!! Life is good! : )

Olivia decorating her pot.

Caleb getting ready to launch his bottle rocket.

Jared and Luke making catapults.

Happy Luke displaying his potted plant.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June 3, 2009 (Wednesday)

We ended up swapped with our cousins for the night again on Tuesday. Needless to say nothing exciting happened this morning! We are unswapped again now though. Olivia had her scholar class and they finished The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin and she gave an oral report. She also rode horses for several hours later. Luke's been in a reading mode again. He read half of The Boxcar Children #1. He's read it before so I doubt he'll finish it. He'll get distracted and move on to something else.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 2, 2009 (Tuesday)

  • This morning I had a Primary Presidency Meeting. (I was just released as the Young Women's President and I'm now the second counselor in the Primary. My third primary presidency. Maybe this time I'll learn my lesson! Elder Hales was a Bishop four times so I'm sure I'll have many more Primary callings to come.)
  • Went to town and presented our year end portfolios to our teacher supervisor. Whew! We passed!
  • We went to the library.
  • While traveling we listened to Power Glide Spanish Jr. The kids really liked it.
  • Ran errands in town. We don't get to town (50 min away) that often.
  • Went to t-ball/softball games-our first of the season.
  • Another round of spending the night with our cousins again. I'm so glad they like each other!

Monday, June 1, 2009

June 1, 2009 (Monday)

Today we officially started summer vacation. Yeah! Last week we just took off, but now we are on our summer schedule. Some days we won't be doing Mom School though, because we have other activities. We look forward to playing and enjoying our friends and family all summer. But our family still needs some structure or we'll go NUTS so we've a modified schedule. Amazingly some of the kids still want to do a lot of "school" things. (My spacing is messed up in this post, I'm unsure why).

Mom School
Beautiful Savior
Theology: Our Heritage: The church opens up Missouri for settlement.
Church History: The Book of Mormon is printed
Friend Articles
Biography/American History: 1 chapter and finished Little House in the Big Woods.
Science Experiment: Delta Science Kit: Energy & Motion Experiment #1
PE: Swimming!

Setting up for our science experiment.

Religion: Read a chapter in the Book of Mormon.
Ensign Article: Read a conference talk.
Research: Prepared a family home evening lesson. She was also assigned to be in charge of the Children's Class at our next Enrichment Meeting. She's been working on her schedule, handouts and lesson for that.
Vocabulary: Peterson's Word of the Day- Mitigate
Literature: Read the last half and finished The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. She also answered the questions that went with it.

Life Skills: Pasta Salad and Brownies
PE: Horse riding lessons today. Played pool and golf.

Religion: Read a chapter in the Doctrine and Covenants Reader.
Music: Practiced extra long on his piano lesson. He's working hard on a recital piece.
World History/Religion/Read-a-loud: He spent over 3 hours listening to The Kingdom and the Crown #2.

PE: Wii sports

Religion: Read a chapter in the Book of Mormon.
Music/Computers: Played Music Ace.
Math: Did two math pages
Spelling: 1 spell drill

PE: Wii sports and golfing

Creative Writing: Several hours working on a story on the computer.
Life Skills: Pancakes
Creative Play: Lego's
PE: Golf

Religion: Read a long verse in the Book of Mormon.
Music: Played Music Ace.
Reading: Read a phonics reader.
Creative Play: Everyday Caleb has a great core day! He's so happy.
PE: Golf and Pool

Family Home Evening:
Song: Beautiful Savior
Testimonies: Alex, Deanna, Luke and Caleb
Scripture Memorization: 2 Nephi 25:26
Character: Uncommon Courtesy lesson-table manners
Article of Faith: 5th
Proclamation: 4th paragraph
Strength of Youth: Gratitude
Lesson: (Olivia) based on this talk by President Monson.
Activity: Helped a family move.
Visiting: My sister and her family came over for a visit.

To Show Parent Core/Love of Learner/Scholar here are some things we modeled to the children today...
Deanna: Scriptures, journal, word of the day, practiced the piano, read a chapter in my American History Class, read The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks, practiced my Greek pronunciation, did a May report for homeschooling and finished my portfolio for my big end of the year presentation for home school!
Alex: Scriptures, church manual reading, word of the day, golfing, went to work, practiced his Greek pronuciation, played Wii Fitness and he's listening to Ender's Shawdow.

May 28, 2009 (Friday)

Well, it looks like I forgot to post about Friday! Here's what I remember:

The kids each wrote a paper about what their favorite thing was that they learned/did this school year. Olivia started reading the Constitution. We had cousins over for the weekend starting Friday afternoon. We swam, golfed, and played hard!